• energy33 is developing projects using turbines in simple and combined cycle configurations, reciprocating engines, boilers and Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) fueled with clean conventional fuels, including pipeline natural gas, LNG, CNG and LPG.
  • The Caribbean & Central America are shifting away from power generation with diesel and HFO to LNG and propane due to the following:
  1. Cost to liquify, transport and re-gasify LNG has considerably dropped & countries want to improve emission standards.
  2. USA is now exporting its surplus of natural gas to the world.
  3. Small scale LNG is now available in portable shipping containers at reasonable prices.
  4. Supply of medium scale LNG is cheaper than small scale LNG primarily due to availability of floating storage and regassification units (FSRU).
  • energy33 has developed power plants totaling more than 1,000 MW with clean conventional fuels.