ENERGY33 develops, structures, builds, owns and operates power plants in LATAM through a multi-disciplinary approach that produces the best technical solutions to maximize the profitability for all stakeholders.

Agnostic approach to each business opportunity ensuring that the selected conversion technology is the most suitable for the available fuel or energy source:

  • Natural gas or LNG
  • Stranded or flare gas
  • Biomass (wood chips, bagasse, paper sludge, rice husk)
  • Liquid propane gas
  • Other conventional fuels

Capabilities to evaluate complex configurations such as:

  • Reciprocating engines in cogeneration (chilled water and/or steam)
  • Gas turbines in combined cycle or combined cycle + cogeneration
  • Boiler with steam turbines (back pressure, extraction-condensing or condensing)
  • Hybrid power plants (gen-sets + solar PV’s)
  • Organic Rankine Cycle Packages


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