Perform basic and detailed engineering

Specify Main and Balance of Plant (BOP) equipment

  • Project screening; pre – feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Specify the main and auxiliary equipment required for the plant
  • Perform site visits to confirm relevant information and meet with off-taker
  • Design and evaluate different alternatives for each project
  • Estimate the total plant cost, including:
  1. Main and auxiliary equipment
  2. Electro mechanic and civil works
  3. Gas pipelines
  4. Substation and interconnection costs
  5. Commissioning and start up costs
  • Develop the preliminary engineering of each alternative
  • Review bid specifications and manage the clarification process with the off-taker
  • Estimate the variable and fixed O&M costs of each alternative
  • Financial modeling of each alternative to be competitive and have a bankable project
  • Define the net guarantees for output, heat-rate, auxiliary consumption, process heat, condensate flows, water requirements and air emissions